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Welcome to Club Tristan Baldwin! Updated 11/6!

Tristan Baldwin Muscle Wrestling Bodybuilder Escort Pornstar Exotic Dancer Webcam Model

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Tristan is currently:
Detroit 11/6 – 11/8

New England 11/9 – 11/11 Chicago 11/12 – 11-14

This page is currently heavily under construction to attempt to create a more mobile friendly platform that I’ll be able to easily update from the road. It’s my intention to shortly have weekly free flash updates here on the landing page, or in the blog section. In addition, there’ll be creation under the blog of ‘Tristan’s Travels’- with pictures from great places I’ve been fortunate to visit along the way. The best other ways to follow me, are also below:
Tristan Baldwin’s Twitter
An Uncensored JustFor.Fans version with Adult Content! Tristan Baldwin Raw

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Upcoming Travel Schedule:

Grand Rapids MI

Detroit, MI
11/7 & 11/8

Home Station(CT/RI/MA/NH/VT/ME/NY)
11/9 – 11/11

Chicago, IL
11/12 -11/14

Home Station(CT/RI/MA/NH/VT/ME/NY)
11/15 – 11/17

San Francisco CA
11/18 – 11/21

Home Station(CT/RI/MA/NH/VT/ME/NY)
11/22 – 12/2

OFF(Brazil and Argentina w/Dad)

Home Station(CT/RI/MA/NH/VT/ME/NY)
12/12- 1/30/2019