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About Me

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by! This website has been a long time in the coming; and has faced a number of setbacks ‘en-route’. Not the least of which has been my reluctance to ever make ‘adult work’ my entire life- I consider it just a facet of it. However, I’m also a firm believer in that if you are to do something- at least do it WELL…so we’re trying to get this to be top shelf before I’m old and gray.It’s been an interesting journey for me!

Was raised in an ultra-conservative, woodsy area, where there wasn’t much exposure to anything other than a closed-minded, WASP community. Was a total runt growing up; 5’2? 125 lbs at the beginning of senior year of high school. By the time I graduated early and went into the military, I wasn’t much better off.The Army changed all that. Fitness is forced on you; you either sink or swim. By the time I graduated basic training and AIT, I was up to 5’6 150…and by the time I was done with my first year as a paratrooper…5’9 170. One thing you’ll learn about me is that there is nothing done in moderation- I couldn’t simply be a regular soldier, because I was so sick of being a regular, average guy…always wanted more and to try and be special. That’s why I went the route of Airborne/Ranger and ultimately, towards Special Forces; but ended up falling short on the most difficult challenge. Our Green Berets, SEALS, Marine Force Recon- you have no idea the esteem I hold these guys in. Some of them run a mile within a minute of the world record…in BOOTS. Moreover, they are world conditioned athletes, but also have incredible common sense/wisdom/street smarts…and borderline genius IQ’s. Each and every one.

2010’s winner for Tastiest Oral Cumshot 2012’s Escort of the Year2013 Grabby-Award Nominee for Actor of the Year (The Ultimate Top – JetSetMen) After the Army, I wound up at a great liberal arts school in Rhode Island for Criminal Justice. Obviously, you can see that I didn’t end up a cop or a prosecutor, despite graduating Cum Laude. Along the way, I was detoured by the glitz/glamour/easy money of stripping; which then led to movies, and ultimately- escorting.We cannot live life in hindsight or ‘what-if’s’; as even now at 31- I’ve seen more of the world then my friends from college who are just now starting with firms or with the state as officers or prosecutors. Many are juggling an additional 200,000 in debt from attending graduate school, and have great jobs, but incredible stresses. I cannot reiterate this enough- my life may not be for everyone, and definitely isn’t ‘conventional’ by society’s standards. But I enjoy the SHIT out of it, seeing the world, and making all the new friends I’ve made across it.A huge ‘Thank You’ to all of you who have contributed to my success, to my mental well being, and to my longevity in the industry. You rock!

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